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St. Georges
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My current abstraction study involves multiple media including photography and painting to abstract visual elements for larger detailed view.
I am currently exploring new processes for my abstract painting using the language of color, microscopic views of subject matter, analysis of the detail of brush strokes, macro-lens photography as a tool, and the distillation of elements of form and color. The final step is to paint large scale, mural size oil painting, or wall painting (for street, or other setting).
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My artist's journey began early on as a student interested in figurative illustration, and oil painting. I attended anatomy drawing classes at the Art Students League in NYC, and then completed my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Hunter College, CUNY) in NYC. Soon after I attended and taught painting at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

I began painting large format abstract oil paintings just before exploring digital based combined media, which was my focus upon completing my thesis for the Master’s in Fine Arts at Hunter College in 2002.

I explored mark making technique, the painting process and intuition with color. Inspiration has come from filmmakers, philosophers, contemporary abstract (impressionists and expressionists alike), such as Roger Herman, as well as masters like van Gogh, and Abstract Expressionists like Joan Mitchell.

I am a technologist in addition to working with traditional art methods. I develop apps, maps, etc., and am interested in the continued exploration of art using alternative methods, current technologies and media.
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oil, painting, abstract, drawing, illustration, prints, digital, photography, C-Print, conceptual, apps, algorithms, combined media, color, mural, video, film

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